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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Running & Burning Fat

By Adrian Combee

Many people think that running is an excellent way to lose weight and get fit and healthy. And whilst there are some benefits, there are also many negatives that people neglect to mention. This article is aimed at helping you make your own choice about running and using it for fitness and weight loss.

1. You will lose muscle mass

If you do not incorporate weight training into your workout program, it will not be possible for you to maintain or grow muscle mass. Muscle mass is important in fat loss because the more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn. If you lose muscle mass, you will actually make it more difficult to lose fat.

2. You may encounter injuries

If you are not providing some kind of variety within your workout regimen, you may be more prone to injuries. Running can leave you wide open for many injuries including knee injuries, ankle injuries, shin splints along with various sprains and strains.

3. You may experience burnout

You've probably experienced burnout in another area of your life and know that once it happens, it's nearly impossible to get going again. When you run all the time and include no additional training in your program, you are likely to experience this burnout. Avoid it by introducing other types of training in your program.

Running is a great exercise and I believe everyone should include running or some type of cardiovascular activity in their workout program. However, you need not run daily and you should switch it up a little in order to avoid burnout. Effective fat loss requires a combination of cardio, strength training and nutrition. If you leave one of these out, you will not be able to reach your fat loss goals. So stick to the running, but just remembers the negative sides too!

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