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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Medical Weight Loss Centers: Effective And Affordable

By Lucas Yang

Today, many individuals who would like to control, maintain or lose weight go to medical weight loss centers. These are weight management programs directed by physicians. They are based on scientific principles that are medically proven and they target root causes of obesity and weight gain to help the client achieve and sustain a healthy weight in the long run.

Such programs differ from others because they do not use surgery or diet pills to achieve their objectives. They make use of metabolism and body composition to show the progress of clients. The physicians can also prescribe safe, low calorie diets that help the client to lose excessive pounds and at the same time get rid of food addictions.

The way the programs are designed helps you to reach your desired goals. During your initial consultation, your body composition analysis is carried out that gives the percentage breakdown of water, fat and muscle in your body. Your blood pressure plus metabolism rate are measured too to assist the doctor in understanding you.

After this, the client sits down with the physician to discuss his medical history and the BCA results. This is an opportunity for a client to speak openly with the doctor and tell him about his goals and challenges. After the physician has understood his client, he designs a personalized plan for him.

The program has 3 main phases namely quick start, transition and maintenance. Each phase has 4 components namely medication, behavior, activity and food. These phases are personalized based on the unique needs and goals of each individual. Although behavior and food components are key to this program the doctor can suggest medication and activity if he feels they are appropriate and safe.

Medical weight loss centers are run by doctors with intensive clinical training in this specialized area of medicine. These physicians are certified by the relevant health bodies. These programs charge reasonable fees and are ideal for anyone who feels unhealthy or unhappy with what he weighs.

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