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Friday, December 2, 2011

How Can Homeopathy Help Diabetics

By Robbie Bainer

Diabetics have found homeopathy treatments very helpful when it comes to managing their blood sugar levels. They can take small doses of a variety of treatments along with their prescription drugs. Because the doses are small they do not experience any side effects or conflicts between the treatments. Most diabetics find that after a period of time they are able to lower their daily dosage of prescription drugs because their body naturally begins to heal itself from the use of the homeopathic treatments.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a treatment that takes small amounts of ingredients to affect larger changes in the body. Just like a vaccine uses small amounts of dead viruses to create immunity to a disease, homeopathy uses small doses of ingredients to stimulate the body to heal itself. When these ingredients are introduced into the body, the body will be able to regulate blood sugar more effectively. And since the doses are small, they are unlikely to interfere with any other medications.

Diabetes and Homeopathic Treatments

It is very important to do your research before beginning anything new, especially as it pertains to your health. Check your local library for books on homeopathy to find more information about the various treatments and how they work. Specific homeopathic treatments that are said to be best for diabetics are:

* Insulin

* Uranium nitrate

* Phosphoric acid

* Lactic acid

* Natrum muriaticum

* Chionanthus virginica

* Ferrum iodatum

* Grindelia robusta

You can test out the various treatments listed above to see how they will impact your blood sugar levels. Again, because the dosage of each is so small you shouldn't experience any side effects. You may even find that you can mix several of them and take them at one time. Keep track of what you take and compare it with your results to see what works best.

Also, begin with the smallest dose available and test additional dosages as you keep track of your results.

How Safe is Homeopathy

The studies on homeopathic treatments show that these remedies are safe and do not cause any side effects, unlike many prescription drugs. You will find that most of these treatments can be taken along with your current routine to achieve the best possible results.

You will find that these remedies stimulate your body to lower your blood sugar. Test each of the various homeopathic remedies for a period of several weeks to give your body a chance to adjust and begin healing.

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