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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Important Information About Diabetes and Your Diet

By David Myers

For a variety of reasons, including the modern diet, more people than ever are suffering from diabetes. There are several varieties of diabetes, and related blood sugar disorders that demand careful attention to your lifestyle. You should, first of all, listen to your doctor's advice, which will be tailored to your specific condition. But some people find themselves straying from the ideal eating habits that will help them. You can significantly improve your health, even if you have diabetes, by following good nutritional advice. The right diet can help to stabilize your condition, and what follows are sound helpful tips you should keep in mind.

Many people today are watching the glycemic index of the foods they eat, and for diabetics this is of special importance. When you have this information, you have a quick way to determine whether you should consume a particular food or not. This is a way foods are ranked based on the effect they have on your blood sugar level, something diabetics must always keep in mind. Specifically, it basically considers the carbohydrate characteristic for a food and bases the ranking on that. If you want to know more about this, you can ask your doctor or nutritionist. Also, a table of glycemic index rankings for a wide variety of foods will help you to develop healthier meals for the diabetic. For a long time there was a line of thinking about diabetics and food that included eliminating sugar from the diet. You do have to watch your blood sugar levels, which also means limiting sugar, but this doesn't necessarily mean you have to cut it out entirely. The thing to remember is that ordinary processed sugar will have the same effect on your blood sugar as starches. Starches or carbs, then, will make your blood sugar level go up, just as sugar does. A little bit of foods containing sugar won't harm you, as long as you don't eat large portions of them or too frequently. Depending on your current state of health, your doctor may advise you to restrict sugar to a greater or lesser extent.

If you're a woman with gestational diabetes, your diet is extremely important. The recommended strategy in these cases is to eat regularly but in small quantities, sticking to the right foods. Forgetting meals can have dangerous consequences in such cases. If you skip too many meals then you could develop complications and associated problems. That's why it's recommended that you eat on a consistent schedule while you're in this state.

Artificial sweeteners are definitely a special consideration in regard to diabetes. Using these sugar substitutes, additional carbohydrates will be limited in your diet every day. However, using artificial sweeteners does not guarantee you will not get any extra carbohydrates, ever. Prior to eating a meal, always look at the food labels prior to cooking or preparing a meal. Artificial sweeteners can also be checked out by looking at the table for glycemic indexes. When cutting back on the carbohydrates in all of your meals, pay close attention to the gram amounts of carbohydrates per serving.

Talking to your doctor about carbohydrate substitution is important, however. You need to make sure it is safe for you to do.

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