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Friday, December 9, 2011

Losing A Pound A Day With The HCG Diet And Keeping It Off

By Richard Greene

Want to lose a pound a day for a month? And then do it again with the same results? And now the bigger question - want to lose all this weight and then keep it off?

The hCG diet plan can make this happen, and the program itself is not truly very difficult. The origination of the hCG diet was back in the 1950s by a British endocrinologist utilized urine from pregnant women and injected it with the purpose for patients to lose weight. The urine of pregnant woman is actually the best source of the hCG hormone.

It worked, and the patients would lose 1 to 3 pounds daily. The doctor actually repeated the program multiple times on patients, and the weight loss continued each time. The diet program faded away, and over the past decade has enjoyed a humongous resurgence in the US.

The FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss, so it is used off-label by doctors. It has only been approved for fertility usage. Considerable research needs to be done on this, but so far it appears to be effective without considerable risk.

Although the diet looks to be extremely difficult, is really not that hard. The people dieting need to initiate a calorie restriction of as low as 500 cal per day. However, modern hCG doctors have modified the calories up to 800 to 1200 cal allowed which has still been effective for the results obtained.

With the calorie restrictions down to 500, patients are not allowed to exercise during the diet. Really, a diet that prohibits exercise? It's true, it works great without it. One of the reasons that doctors often use a modified diet is to allow for exercise, which is in reality what an effective preparation for long term success should be.

Interesting enough, people simply do not get very hungry while being on the hCG weight loss program. They're still able to go into ketosis and drop fat while keeping muscle due to the hCG hormone targeting the body's fat reserves. Critics of the hCG diet see 500 calories as simply being too little. However once a person goes in the ketosis they were actually getting a lot more calories on the fat that's being targeted. Isn't that the point though to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass? Rather than simply receiving below 5 cal per day per person is truly receiving 2 to 3 times that amount by being in ketosis and targeting the body's fat for energy.

The hCG weight loss program recipe calls for a breakfast that is liquid, and also the person can drink a certain type of tea throughout the day. No processed foods are allowed on hCG program, are changed to being much more healthy so individuals eating habits and also the metabolism is altered to a new rate that gets locked in a preparation for success over the long-term.

Lunch and dinner may consist of solid foods with protein being allowed at 100 grams along with one type of fruit and vegetable, or one type of seafood.

The hCG weight loss diet program is not extremely difficult, the amount of weight loss is substantial, and it does teach individuals how to eat healthier and set a new metabolic rate for long-term success.

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