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Saturday, December 24, 2011

What You Should Know About The Type 2 Diabetes Diet

By Christine Jackson

Adult-onset diabetes, also called Type 2 diabetes, is the more common form of diabetes. This is caused when the body doesn't make enough insulin for its needs. This can happen because the pancreas is making less insulin than it should be, or because the body's cells develop a resistance to insulin, requiring more to create the same effect. In either case, the sugar that your body's cells would normally use for energy stays in the blood instead. Over time, this may damage the eyes, nerves, kidneys, and heart.To control the effects of type 2 diabetes, it is important to establish good eating habits.

A good type 2 diabetes diet helps to even out the blood sugar, allowing the body time to process it. Here are some tips for a balanced type 2 diabetes diet.High on the list of diet changes is the option to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Such foods have a lot of nutrients, more fiber and less starches and sugar. Non starchy vegetables - such as green beans, broccoli and cucumber, leafy greens like kale or spinach - are the best possible choice for you.If you deside to eat grains, choose unprocessed whole grain foods which are better than highly processed foods. Be sure that you read the label, since many whole grain products may in fact contain processed grain.

Whole grain releases its sugar more slowly than processed grain, that evens out blood glucose. They also have more nutritive elements such as minerals and vitamines.Diet plans for diabetes should balance out sugar and starch intake against protein, all while avoiding too much fat. This should include the choice of lean meat cuts, such as pork and beef, it is also important to include fish several times a week. If you are preparing poultry, make sure that you remove the skin as that is where most of the fat is found.

Another good source of proteins can come from dried beans and navy beans, as well as lentils.Try to reduce high calorie drinks and snaps. Cookies, chips, candy and cake can spike blood glucose and make it difficult to handle for the body. Soft drinks usually contain a lot of sugar and little nutrition, so choose low calorie alternatives or drink water.There is such a thing as too much of a good thing!

Any type 2 diabetes diet should include the necessity of watching portion size and balance of your food intake. At mealtime you should assure that half of your meal is made up of non-starchy vegetables. The other half of the meal should be made up of equal parts protein (such as meat, fish or tofu) and your whole grains, potatoes, pasta, peas or corn. Doing this will aid in ensuring balanced nutrition.Balancing sugar and starch intake with healthy food choices is the basis for the recommended diet for diabetics.

Folling a type 2 diabetes diet will go a long way toward preventing serious damage to your body and will increase life long wellness and health. Good choices means healthy living!

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