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Monday, December 5, 2011

Naturally Lower Your Cholesterol

By Robbie Bainer

When you were diagnosed with diabetes were you also diagnosed with high cholesterol? Research has shown that many people with high blood sugar levels also have high cholesterol. While both health issues can be dealt with by taking medication on a daily basis they can also be dealt with very well by making natural changes to your daily routine. Follow along to learn about the natural changes you can make to lower your cholesterol and reduce your blood sugar levels:

* Find an exercise that you enjoy - Adding exercise into your daily routine will increase your blood flow and help to lower your bad cholesterol. Look for something you will really enjoy. You are more likely to stick to a daily exercise routine if it includes fun activities. Some suggestions are walking, hiking, skiing, aerobics, dancing, tai chi, yoga, etc.

* Can you add more fiber to your diet - Eating more fiber is very good for your health whether you have high cholesterol or not. As you create your daily meal plan try to include at least 25 grams of fiber per day.

* Add essential fatty acids - Fish and fish oils can also help your body process cholesterol more effectively, while also strengthening your overall health. You can take supplements or add salmon and tuna to your diet several times a week.

* Cut out saturated fats - It's always a good idea to cut out as many saturated fats as you can when you are trying to regulate your cholesterol. Take time to read the labels of the foods you eat to make sure that you are reducing this number of fat grams to no more than 10 a day. It can also help to choose fat-free and low-fat dairy and meat products to instantly lower your saturated fat intake.

* Vegetarian - Many people have lowered their cholesterol and successfully dealt with heart issues by becoming vegetarian. Your body can already produce all the cholesterol that it needs so try skipping meat a few days a week and eventually work your way into a full vegetarian diet. As with anything, give yourself a few months of eating this way to see how your health responds.

* Quit smoking - A person with diabetes and high cholesterol should do their best to eliminate other things in their life that contribute to an unhealthy body. One of the first things they should work on is to quit smoking. Speak to your doctor about all of the options out there to help you quit smoking.

If you are averse to taking prescription drugs than these natural ways to lower your cholesterol and improve your blood sugar levels will be just the right thing for you to try. As with any new changes, commit to a 3 month trial and track your results. Is there someone else in your family or circle of friends that is dealing with the same health issues? Perhaps you could partner with them for support. Also, make sure to get your family on-board with your changes so that they can support you and keep you on track to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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