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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Normal Blood Pressure For Men Described With Options

By Betty Dawson

There is a misconception about the normal blood pressure for men. High blood pressure effects the lives of men from all ages, but once a man reaches the age of forty, the risks increase and will continue to increase with age. This is why it is so important for men aged 30 and above to take their life styles very seriously, to avoid complications later in life.

Before age forty and before blood pressure symptoms increase, a person can take precautionary measures. A person who has experienced high blood pressure in the past will generally be at a higher risk and so on. These types of people should care more for their health. Most people affected by high blood pressure do not realize their symptoms and may continue with the disease while it is affecting their vital organs.

When one continually has high blood pressure, the pressure on their arteries increases to cause more severe problems. Small bulges called aneurysms on the walls of the blood vessels form because of this. Cases can get so severe that some may experience cardiac arrest or failure.

The blood vessels of the kidneys can be damaged, causing failure. Blood vessels in a person's eyes may be affected. Hypertension can cause vision problems and even blindness. Consumptions of certain drugs, known as secondary hypertension, is a risk.

A healthy diet is the easiest way to help cure blood pressure. Staying fit, avoiding smoking (cigars and cigarettes) and avoiding alcohol can all aid in high blood pressure prevention methods.

Medical experts recommend that a man should keep control on the number of drinks he takes per day. As for smoking, it is always advised that men think seriously about quitting this habit.

A variety of medicines are prescribed these days to keep blood pressure under control. Most of these medicines are prescribed by doctors and are easily available. The only thing wrong about these medicines is that once you start consuming, you will probably need them throughout your life.

When attempting to understand the normal blood pressure for men, remember prevention is the most important and effective method.

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