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Monday, April 9, 2012

Diabetic Amyotrophy and Type 2 Diabetes: What You Need to Know

By Douglas Kidder

There are other medical terms for the diabetic amyotrophy. Bruns-Garland Syndrome and proximal neuropathy are just two of the multiple names of the disorder. The medical society is still in debate as to what definite term to settle with. This is a rare and different disease as compared to other diabetic neuropathies, with regards to the manifestation of its symptoms; it starts form the middle part of the body.

Symptoms include sudden slashing pain in the buttocks, hips and tight areas. Patients might also experience difficult movement of the said areas, bloating of the stomach and weight loss. Over time, the disease usually lasts for a few months before it subsides; the pain will run down to the ends of the limbs and develop weak and atrophied muscles. Aside from those two medical terms, the disorder has also been named as the Bruns-Garland Syndrome. The fact is, the medical society have several other names that refers to the disease.

The manifestation of the disorder is directly attributed to Type 2 diabetes. What is diabetes and what is Type 2 diabetes? Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that originates from the body's failure to produce and supply sufficient amount of insulin needed to absorb the glucose or sugar energy that are converted from eaten food. There are two major types of diabetes, the types 1 and 2. The fist type is characterized by the body's failure to produce the insulin needed, this usually occurs among children. The second type is the disruption of the insulin producing process of the body or the failure of insulin to work, either as an offshoot of another disorder or as a result to unhealthy lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes usually afflicts adults, most commonly the obese.

Type 1 diabetes are most commonly hereditary or a genetic issue. Children afflicted don't have any hand in the prevention. But for the Type 2 diabetes that causes the diabetic amyotrophy, it is usually the patient who causes the disease. Unhealthy food, lethargic lifestyle, stressful job and indulgence in unhealthy vices like smoking, alcohol drinking and drug abuse are the main factors that ruin the natural processes of the body lead to obesity, heart and coronary diseases and Type 2 diabetes.

Suspect patients or those that are high risk in developing Type 2 diabetes are advised to take the glucose tolerance test. This is a medical blood test designed to determine how your body is adapting to high level of sugar intake. Normal and healthy bodies are able to absorb levels of glucose in a short span of time, in the case of diabetics, the sugar stays in the blood, flooding the sugar level dangerously. The test would require a short fasting period, usually lasts for a few hours, before you will given a dose of glucose and on timed intervals, blood samples will be taken to check the sugar levels.

Regardless of the glucose tolerance test results, everyone is advised to take on the healthy Type 2 diabetes diet. This will help the patient lose excess weight and lower bad cholesterol levels by incorporating healthy, lean and low fat foods. Together with a healthier and more active lifestyle and exercises the diet will effectively bring back strength and health to the body as well as lead Type 2 diabetes and diabetic amyotrophy away.

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