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Thursday, April 19, 2012

How To Fight Overweight?

By Basma Jalloul

Obesity is a fast spreading epidemic that has deprived millions of their good looks and confidence. Not only does it shorten the life span, but it also reduces the quality of life. According to a recent research, three out of every ten people worldwide are either overweight or obese. One in every six deaths in the world is caused by obesity-induced illnesses such as type-2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol levels and cardiovascular disease. It's not just mature adults who are at risk. A recent survey in the U.S has revealed that one in every eight children is overweight.

Obesity can be clinically identified as having a statistic known as the BMI (body mass index). You can determine it by growing your bodyweight in weight by 703 and then splitting the outcome by the square of your height in inches. If the reading is above 30, you will be considered as obese.

Obesity is completely treatable or even preventable by lifestyle changes. You can shed unwanted pounds and avoid obesity-linked diseases by incorporating a low-calorie, nutritious diet plan and an effective exercise regimen into your daily routine. A low-calorie diet approach doesn't mean that you start starving yourself by following some 1200 calories/day diet plan. It means that you should consume a balanced diet comprising of complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein, vitamins, omega nutrients, macro-minerals and micro-minerals.

Taking salad as a starter before your main meals makes an excellent way to control your appetite so that you will feel satisfied sooner. Salad provides your body with the fiber that promotes weight-loss, helps maintain the health of your gut and protects against the risk of colon cancer. Remember that each individual has different calorie needs depending on the sex, age, body weight, and activity levels. Therefore, stay within your limits and avoid over-eating.

Many people tend to eat snacks while watching TV, which in turn may negatively affect their efforts to lose weight. Be sure to eat only on the dinner table and drink a glass of water after the meal to get a feeling of fullness. Consume fruits at the breakfast to supply your body with energy you need to perform your everyday activities. Substituting full-fat dairy products with low-fat products will save you hundreds of calories per day.

A regular physical activity is mandatory to achieve your desired weight-loss results. A combination of cardiovascular exercises and resistance training workouts helps increase your metabolism and keeps your heart healthy. Walking makes one of the easiest ways to lose extra pounds and get back in shape. Try to find ways to walk or jog as much as you can. Parking your car away from your office and preferring stairs over an elevator will help you burn a few extra calories so you will lose fat faster. Resistance training exercises such as push-ups, shrugs, squats, deadlifts and dumbbell curls will increase energy expenditure and improve resting metabolic rate.

It also makes a good option to use a supplement that allows reduce your craving for food and gives you a feeling of amount for longer. Natural Power Fat Reach is a popular herbal diet system technique tablet on the market that makes use of a natural element known as Hoodia gordonii gordonii Gardonii, a milkweed plant indigenous to the Kalahari Leave, in its substances. This amazing element makes the mind think that great sugar levels have been obtained and there is no need to eat food. Consequently, your individual human body will need to get rid of the fat continues to be to generate energy you need to perform the activities. For Natural Power Fat Reach, only the best substances are used.

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