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Friday, April 13, 2012

Diabetic Diet Plan Food: Precisely What Is Wholesome

By Pearlie Barren

Diabetes is attaining epidemic proportions in America. A lot more people are succumbing to this damaging life style ailment and want a solution to their uncontrollable blood sugar levels. While a few diabetics turn to prescription medications, some others want a less intense and more natural treatment. Diet plays a major part when it comes to how the body metabolizes sugar and could do wonders to help diabetics, keeping them from getting to go on medication. The best diabetic diet food does not adversely affect the blood sugar levels and thus, have a very low Glycemic Index status.


Vegetables are considered one of the best diabetic diet food choices that could be created. When eaten fresh or even lightly steamed, the body takes a great deal of nutrients, very little calories with little of no undesirable impact on blood sugar. Those with diabetes could eat veggies freely apart from potatoes which are deemed a starch. Furthermore, it is important for diabetics not to eat processed vegetables. These veggies are refined; contain a substantial amount of salt and preservative chemicals that are damaging.

Some fruits

Fruits like citrus, berries, dried apricots as well as apples are among the best diabetic diet food options. Fruits including bananas, grapes as well as mangoes have a lot of natural sugar and must be strictly limited. Frosty fruit is acceptable, but canned should be prevented if it is possible.


Lean proteins including fresh-caught fish, venison, grass-fed beef and fresh range poultry are advisable and should participate in in moderation as a condiment to vegetables.


Beneficial diabetic diet food includes healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil as well as sunflower oil as are healthy nuts like walnuts and almonds. Enhanced vegetable oils should be avoided.

Various other Considerations

Along with the diabetic diet food consumption, those with diabetes must exercise every day, get a lot of sleep, drink no less than 10 glasses of pure spring water daily and practice stress management methods.

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