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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Knowing What Diabetes Is

By Aaron Millane

Most people around the globe are not aware about the long-term effects of diabetes, unless they are suffering from it. Unhealthy lifestyle, stress and bad eating behavior are some factors that diabetes may trigger. This type of illness considered as a big health problem worldwide. Sadly, many individual suffer from diabetes and its medical side effects, but with early diagnosis, it can truly help a person to evade the illness. In addition, it would be easy for the doctors to monitor the overall health of the patient and to help prevent the long-term side effects of the diabetes.

According to study of medical experts, diabetes is a lifetime disease wherein the blood sugar level of a person fall more than the normal range and are present in the arteries, which can no longer controlled. Normal glucose level of a person should lower than 100mg/dL after a morning walk and below 140 mg/dl a couple of hours after eating. Moreover, diabetes is metabolic disease, which can affect various systems in the body. It comes in two types, the type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes arises when the pancreas can no longer produce insulin that is necessary for the absorption of glucose in the body whereas the type two diabetes arises when the body is unable to utilize insulin and when the production of insulin is not enough. Long-term effect of diabetes normally trigger especially if it is left untreated and with poorly controlled diabetes.

Blood testing is a simple method used to know if a person has diabetes. After which, the doctor will advise to undergo treatments like, pills, change of eating habits and injection because once it is left untreated it may cause a lot of trouble on your health and may even lead to death. The study on the long-term effects of diabetes is not given too much attention and they did not clearly emphasized because doctors focus more on treatment of the disease. The long-term effects of diabetes fallout to a number of spotted complexities like cardiovascular, periodontal diseases, peripheral vascular, eye disease, erectile dysfunction, and nerve damage or neuropathy and kidney trouble. In this case, one sickness will cause to death.

Another fact about long-term effects of diabetes is that it promotes the increase in amount of cholesterol. If the patient has highest amount of cholesterol in the body, there is a higher chance of the blood vessels to clog up. There is also the greater risk of high blood pressure and will result to heart problem or cardiovascular disease. Peripheral vascular disease is more specific than cardiovascular, because the affected blood vessels are on between the feet and the legs. When the circulation of peripheral reduced, tissues and cells on these parts will run out of oxygen and may liable to damage.

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