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Monday, April 16, 2012

So Are We Eventually Close To A Type 1 Diabetes Treatment?

By Javier Snover

A lot of persons believe that health development is on the verge of the advancement into formulating a type 1 diabetes cure. This is an incredibly fantastic matter just for any one who happens to suffer this form of diabetes since it is sometimes a big battle for them to have to waste their whole lifetime at all times supervising their blood sugar levels. These people usually need to visit to the medical professional frequently and they are getting stuck taking insulin shots every single day. As a result the notion of getting type 1 diabetes is definitely distressing merely hearing about it and I personally can just picture what folks suffering with this illness definitely go through each day.

The good thing is that there certainly has been a development or prospective breakthrough in to discovering a type 1 diabetes cure. There are actually research workers that found out a connection between type 1 diabetes and 12-Lipoxygenase enzyme which is also generally known as 12-LO. So there is definitely some hope these days that they've found the association in between type 1 diabetes and this particular substance that appears to be resulting in the conditions.

The means they are heading to be able to reverse engineer a type 1 diabetes cure is actually by way of the point that this certain enzyme and the link to type 1 Diabetes transpires in the pancreas of an individual. This is where the system gives off its insulin as well as the glucagon that is employed by the body to be able to manage the glucose levels within the body.

The thing that was not long ago learned and spotted immediately is that the 12-LO has essentially been spoiling cells in the pancreas called 'beta' cells. And as a result of degeneration of these 'beta' cells, the human pancreas is not able to create the insulin that is essential to help manage blood glucose levels

Although a specific type 1 diabetes cure hasn't been established just yet, research scientists have discovered an opportunity to help remove the 12-LO gene inside of rodents.

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