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Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Look at Facts and Myths of Health and Fitness

By James Steele

Just like all other rumors that you might hear there are truths and fictions about health and fitness too. Myths are born when we hear something about a good tip even if we don't have the whole story and we go and tell the next person. Maybe they even didn't hear it right. But they innocently tell something they know, and another myth is born, again.

We are likely to take a person of authority more seriously than any other person. In fact, these untruths can be extremely dangerous if you perform the exercise incorrectly. Here in this article we will explore a bit more in depth into the myths and facts of health and fitness.

A myth that is often discussed in the gym is the untruth(or partial untruth) that your metabolism will get a boost from aerobic exercise that can last for hours. The caveat to this statement is that you won't get the constant calorie burn you'll be expecting. The reason is the actual increase in metabolic rate, for hours after the workout, is not as great as some have claimed it to be. The calorie burn is a direct relation to the metabolic increase and since neither is as great as we'd like it's an untruth. There is a misleading perception bordering on mythical concerning over-exertion during workouts. The thinking is that if you seem to feel all right while you are exercising, then you are not doing too much. This can take a day or two for you to really notice the effects of a hard workout. You may hit the gym hard after a long time without this kind of activity and it is then that you will feel the after effects over time rather than right away. To avoid the above situation take it slow, don't rush yourself and above all else consult your doctor first.

At the end of the day it is expected that you will be tired but you should try to get some exercise done and you will feel better. There are certain accounts where we have to call people out on, such as your body does have a natural circadian cycle. For your workouts to feel natural you have to allow your body some time to adjust. The point is that once you break through your resistance and exercise after work, your body will have more energy to actually do it.

No doubt you will hear all kinds of lies and a few truths about fitness in the world. It's important for you to be careful which ones you choose to believe. Find ways to verify the information before you trust it like this article. Listen to yourself when it's potentially harmful to you. Now that you have the tools to do so, take the time to be sure you are getting the best information for your situation.

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