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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Can Diabetics Eat Fruit?

By Terry Brennar

Anyone who gets diagnosed with diabetes has to change the diet he or she was used to so as to suit their condition. Those with diabetes are always faced with a lot of misconceptions about the type of food they can eat and the most commonly asked question is whether or not they can eat fruits. Since the amount of sugar intake should be monitored carefully, it is sometimes difficult to establish whether natural sugars are as dangerous as the artificial ones. Most of the diet rules associated with diabetes are at first a hard task to follow but after some time one becomes used to them. What we are interested in most is the question about fruits.

The obvious reason fruits would be questioned by diabetics is because of the natural amount of sugars found within them. Because of the lack of insulin created or used within a diabetic's body, your system is not able to handle large amounts of carbohydrates and sugar at the same time. This is where the glycemic index becomes a necessary tool for diabetes of all ages and at all stages of the condition. A glycemic index chart can help you understand the amount of carbohydrates and sugars within any given food. You may be surprised to learn that many fruits actually rate quite low on the glycemic index chart which is great for diabetics!

Of course diabetics are always encouraged to choose fresh fruits over processed foods and snacks; portion control is what your new focal point becomes. The natural vitamins and minerals found within natural fruits more than makes up for the natural sugar levels that can be found within it as well. It is actually the dried fruit you will want to stay away from because of the preservatives and added sweeteners added to the natural product.

Even though most of these fruits are low to medium on the glcemic index chart, it is not advisable for a person with diabetes to consume them in very large amounts. Portion control of any type of food taken is a valuable aspect of their diet for a healthy living. Another advantage of fruits to diabetics is the fact that they not only contain fructose but fibres as well. Since their diet limits them and may make them lack fibres that are important in the body, fruits are the perfect meal to give them these fibres.

So the next time a person asks whether diabetics can eat fruits, the answer should be yes. Another obvious that all diabetics may want to include fruits in their diet is to satisfy their sugar cravings. So instead of eating some junk food or chocolate, you can get the same amount of sugar relief from a ripe orange.

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