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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best Superfoods For Diabetes - The Ones You Want To Try

By Ashely Wechsler

It's well known that diet has a major impact on diabetes. Keeping your blood sugar levels stable is especially crucial if you have diabetes. It's therefore best to stay away from junk foods, sweets and unhealthy carbs. You can also help yourself stay healthy by increasing your intake of superfoods, which are extremely high in vitamins, minerals, protein or other nutrients. If you eat more of the superfoods we'll be discussing in this article, you'll find that they help you maintain your blood sugar at healthy levels.

Every diabetic should eat nuts, a great snack choice for handling diabetes the right way. Almonds, for example, are not only high in protein but are an excellent source of healthy fats. With a low glycemic index (GI) ratio, these nuts are perfect for regulating blood sugar with people that suffer with diabetes. You can eat these with your regular meals, lowering the GI load of the entire meal, just by supplementing in a few almonds. Anyone that has diabetes sufferers insulin resistance, which the fatty acids in the nuts fight against. You can help regulate your blood sugar with the magnesium and fiber in nuts as well. Since nuts have a lot of calories, if you are trying to lose weight, you should not eat a lot of them for this specific reason.

To get your blood sugar to normal levels, adding cinnamon to your diet can be very beneficial. Though it is widely used, the health benefits associated with using cinnamon are now just coming out. Whatever cinnamon is made of is what makes the blood sugar levels decrease when you take it. For centuries, Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese practitioners have used this spice for a variety of reasons as well. Your doctor should be consulted before trying large amounts of cinnamon to lower your blood sugar, especially if you are on a similar medication. Blood sugar levels could spike way down if you take cinnamon along with your current medication to lower your blood sugar levels for your diabetes. If you are conscious about your weight, you can consider supplementing your diet with meratol. Tomatoes have been enjoyed by people for centuries, but they have only recently achieved the status of superfood. Among the many essential vitamins and minerals contained in tomatoes are lycopene, potassium and Vitamin C. Lycopene is an antioxidant that can protect you against certain types of cancer and also has anti-inflammatory properties. However, if you have diabetes, you should be careful about buying products such as tomato soup, sauce and so forth. Not only are some of these products high in sugar, but they may also contain chemicals like MSG that many people are sensitive to. Your best choices, therefore, are choosing natural brands that don't add sugar or buying your tomatoes fresh and cooking with these.

Certain types of seeds are highly nutritious and can be considered superfoods. If you want a seed with high healthy fat levels, plus iron and magnesium, pumpkin seeds are the way to go. Containing phytosterols, pumpkin seeds can help lower LDL cholesterol very easily. You can get omega-3 fatty acids from seeds like flaxseed if that's what you need. You can benefit from both ground flaxseeds, and flaxseed oil, in the same way.

Studies have shown that Chia seeds are very beneficial for your health, causing them to rise in popularity. Protein rich, these seeds also have fiber your body can use. These can be sprinkled on many foods, such as salads, cereal or yogurt. A healthy addition to any diet, whether you have diabetes now, or if you are trying to prevent its onset in your life.

All of the superfoods we have discussed in this article can help you regulate blood sugar levels and help you with your diabetic condition. Additional research is always recommended, especially in regard to superfoods, even though the ones mentioned in this article can help you with your diabetic condition to some degree. Avoiding bad foods, and eating superfoods, is something that you need to start doing. If you truly want to get your diabetes under control, you need to change your diet and start utilizing these tips today.

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