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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Living A Healthy Lifestyle With Diabetes

By Karl Munojeriey

Each of us probably knows someone who has diabetes. Millions of people in the world have this condition and billions of dollars each year are spent for healthcare expenses against diabetes. The lifestyle of diabetic people are different from non-diabetic people.

Medication must be ready all the time, food intake must be kept in moderation and the immune system must be always up. Many people think that being a diabetic means that you can't enjoy things that regular healthy people enjoy. To keep the symptoms of diabetes at bay, here are some simple guidelines:

Know the types of workouts that works A lot of people assume that diabetics are not healthy enough to exercise. They can do a wide range of exercises that can keep them healthy as long as they are properly monitored. They must have a work out buddy to help them monitor their blood sugar level and to keep an eye on them. They need exercises that have less risks of injury because simple exercise related injuries such as bruises and blisters can be very problematic for them. Water exercises are highly recommended because these exercises have less risks of friction related injuries.

Stress Management The immune system of diabetic patients must be always up. This is the reason why they must manage their stress properly. The right type of stress management must be employed because stress cannot be avoided all the time. You can apply proven techniques to lessen the impact of stress. Many people find physical activities that don't require too much thinking therapeutic in relieving stress.

Eat your meals at the same time each day Food intake should be organized for the diabetic patient. This will prevent their blood sugar level from being depleted when meals are too far apart. Missing a meal can be very dangerous for them. For very busy days, having emergency food ready can be handy.

Food Portion Control Diabetic patients must neither eat too much nor eat too few. The amount of food that the diabetic eats must be monitored properly. One way of making sure that the portions are controlled is having a meal buddy. The members of your family must be aware of your condition and help promote healthy diet in the household.

Balance the food type that you eat The percentage of fats, protein, and carbohydrates that a diabetic person requires is different from what a non-diabetic person needs. Your doctor is the right person to ask about the right percentage of fats proteins and carbohydrates and other symptoms of diabetes information. Ask for a dietary plan appropriate for your condition.

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