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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blood Sugar Meter - A Must-Have Device For Any Diabetic Patient

By Sheryl Duvan

Living with diabetes is challenging and a bit difficult. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when a person's body doesn't make enough hormone insulin or cannot use insulin properly. Insulin allows glucose (a form of sugar) to enter all cells of your body and use this sugar as a form of energy. For those with diabetes, the glucose builds up on the blood instead of entering the cells. Too much glucose in ones blood can lead to serious health problems.

People with diabetes are required to have a regular monitoring of their blood sugar level which helps in taking better care of their disease. Also, with the regular monitoring of the blood sugar, patients can learn how the food, activity levels, stress, medicine, and insulin affect the level of the blood sugar. Getting the blood sugar level is usually done by lancing a finger with a needle to produce a pinprick of blood that is to be tested by a computer called the blood sugar meter, which will then calculate the patient's glucose level.

The blood sugar meter or the glucometer that is used in monitoring the blood sugar level is a very important device for people who need regular checking of glucose level especially those who have diabetes. This device is available in the market and comes in different sizes, functionality as well as dimensions. Before purchasing a glucometer, keep in mind that there are few things to be taken into consideration.

The reliability and the accuracy of the readings produced by the machine is one of the things to be considered. The user must be confident of the results given by the blood sugar monitor or else your device would be of no use. Remember that inconsistent and unreliable results may lead to improper treatment of the illness which may result to further complications in the future.

Ease of use or the complexity of blood sugar meter is another important factor that needs to be considered when buying. Make sure that you know how to use the machine. Try asking the pharmacist or educator how it is being used and if you still do not get it right by the time your reach the second try, then you should find another one. The size of the meter can also affect the ease of use of the machine. The average size of the machine is the size of the palm of the hand, though some are smaller or larger.

The third important consideration is the speed the machine produces readings. The recommended speed for the results to be generated is around 5 to 45 seconds. These results should then be displayed in a manner that is not difficult to understand. Most blood sugar meters display glucose value in mg/dl or mmol/l. However, it is important to note that preferred measurement unit varies by country: mg/dl are preferred in the U.S., France, Japan, Israel, and India. Mmol/l is used in Canada, Australia, China and the UK. Germany is the only country where medical professionals routinely operate in both units of measure. Many of the available blood sugar meters in the market can easily toggle between the two measurements.

Other important factors to be considered in purchasing the blood sugar monitor includes the amount of the blood sample needed and also the budget. Patients who uses blood sugar monitor prefer those monitors that require less amount of blood sample. It is also important to alternate the testing site in choosing as it allows the patient to choose where the blood sample come from, may it be on the earlobe, forearm, thigh as well as from the fingertip. Finally, for patients who are on a low budget, there available monitors that are affordable though needs replacement periodically depending on the features of the meter.

Nonetheless, always remember that the best blood sugar monitor is the one that suits your needs. The perfect meter for me may be different form the perfect meter for you.

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