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Monday, June 6, 2011

What You May Feel When You Have Hemorrhoids

By Janice L. Sims

Bleeding - common symptom for inside/external haemorrhoids Bleeding while you are going to the toilet is the most common of all haemorrhoids symptoms. Finding traces of blood in the toilet tissue, on the seat or in the stool are normal. Bleeding is definitely the largest symptom you possibly can have that you've haemorrhoids, both external or internal.Of course, you may not just have haemorrhoids if you have bleeding, as this can be the result of many different things as well.Not enough relaxation, stress and stiff stool can also cause bleeding. There are of course different symptoms that you should take into consideration too as listed here.

Internal hemorrhoid symptoms. Along the wall of the anal canal could be teams of veins that are infected and protruding and these are inside haemorrhoids. When these hemorrhoids bulge out, they cause extreme pain.It is common to have mucus and blood in your stool when you have haemorrhoids bulging out of the wall.

People complain of frequent itching after they have inside hemorrhoids. The bulging out may end up in itching in that area of the anus. You would possibly even experience skin irritation owing to the oozing mucus from the anal region.

You may find yourself wanting to go to the toilet straight after already going.You will feel this discomfort as a direct results of the hemorrhoid bulging.The larger the hemorrhoid is in measurement the more uncomfortable it'll be. Pain in the anal region that is unbearable is another sign of inner hemorrhoids. While inner hemorrhoids are usually not too painful, larger ones can push you to the extremes of pain.As the hemorrhoids swell up and strain builds on the anal muscles, so the pain increases too.A load of pain can be an indication that the blood supply is probably cut off.This is called strangulated hemorrhoid.

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