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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is A BMI Reliable?

By Alan Hubert

We all love the movies and the treats that go with the movie but have you ever taken that popcorn out of the movie theater and into the light? Man that bucket is huge!

We are encouraged to exercise from every news report, medical journals , even elementary, and secondary schools are adopting a better platform for their school lunches. When sports such as football, softball, soccer, and basketball are encouraged at an elementary level the chance for kids to exercise is increased. Some feel genetics plays a part in obesity, it recent medical studies there is more and more fiction put into this idea that a person can be born fat. True of False the bottom line is getting your BMI under control.

The media has an interesting twist as the advertisers are and always will be trying to sell you something, so those juicy hamburger commercials are not going to go away, however we also have medical experts trying to get information out there through the public school system, news, press releases and such. When you look at the school programs that almost always keep a sports program such as foot ball, soccer, basketball, and very few schools have done away with recess, but is it enough?

Especially as adults I tend to find that as parents we run around in the car taking our kids to their sports games and we sit on the side lines not burning off all of those unhealthy calories we just ate and our BMI just continues to rise. Oh did I not mention BMI, well this is your Body Mass Index . The BMI is a reliable indicator of totally body fat, according to the National Institute of Health.

After you have spoken with your doctor or a health specialists and you find the right facility as to having your BMI measured you will be able to chart a path as to what needs to be done to bring that number down.

The second type of information listed on a package would be a list of which contains the basic components of the product in order of decreasing weight. Manufacturers many times will add explanatory notes about an ingredient, e.g., "BHT (a preservative)", but their wording can be tricky and hard to know in generic terms, you must do your research and know what you are eating.

Kids and parents alike don't need to obsess over watching their weight if they choose to turn around the life style that got them there. Exercise needs to be incorporated into an everyday habit. Parents maybe instead of sitting on the side lines watching your child play you could watch while standing and moving a little, or even walking back and forth as your child runs back and forth in their game? You might want to take up a sport with your child or workout along side them in training; the key is to get the body moving.

As you burn more calories through exercise make sure you are putting back into your body healthy foods- natural foods with natural enzymes that the body can use. Foods high in preservatives actually rob the body of nutrients causing the body to fatigue at a much faster rate. If you run a past paced life, eat healthy and you might actually accomplish more!

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