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Monday, June 27, 2011

Recognizing The Symptoms of Diabetic Seizure

By Neri Bhiram

According to American Diabetes Association, when a person suffers from diabetes, his body can't manufacture sufficient insulin or make use of it correctly. Due to the fact that the body utilizes insulin to convert foods that are absorbed in the body, diabetes can result to severe troubles. One of the difficulties that a diabetic person can undergo is diabetic seizure. Thus, it is essential for a diabetic person and their family as well to know the signs of this illness. These seizures are actually common than majority of individuals realize. This is considered to be one of the minor known complications behind diabetes. A person must recognize these seizures since they could be life threatening. It must be know that not all seizures that are caused by diabetes are similar. Some can appear not so obvious but others can look much like a big mal. Do you know a person suffering from a seizure because of his diabetes? Will you know if a victim had suffered one?

It is important to know the causes of seizures. A person who wants to stay away from having a seizure must know the sense of recognizing what causes one. The major cause of seizure is uncontrolled diabetes. If diabetes is not dealt with appropriately and the levels of blood glucose are either too high or too low, mixed signals can be sent to the brain and this will trigger a seizure. A few of the symptoms are almost the same to those being displayed by an intoxicated person. It can lead to heartbreaking consequences if you mistake a person who has seizure with those who are drunk. A person experiencing this kind of seizure must be medically treated right away.

Some signs of a seizure can be recognized easily same with the case of an individual who is suffering from strong convulsions. At times, the symptoms are less obvious and vaguer. Less obvious signs are blinking, staring into space, fully alert and awake but might appear disoriented, be uninformed of his surroundings, and see bright lights or smell odors that aren't there. In addition, he might perform in an unusual mode than normal, experience loss of awareness in addition to tingling and numbness, experience memory loss, exhibits slurred speech and show a lack of coordination. The seizure can last for few minutes and it might carry on until medical assistance arrives.

Due to the fact that these seizures typically take place during the night and the signs could be so vague then it is hard for one to determine if he had suffered one. A person can only know if he had suffered one when he woke up with high blood sugar levels, damp sheets due to a night sweat and a headache. Not all diabetic people can experience a diabetic seizure yet if the diabetes is not controlled properly, they can have higher chance of having one. It is a scary experience when you or one of your family members experience seizure. Therefore, it is vital to manage your diabetes since seizure is a complication of diabetes. Do the necessary things so you will be able to prevent the occurrence of a seizure.

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