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Friday, June 17, 2011

The New Diet Revolution Of Dr Atkins

By Joy Mitchell

We inhabit a world where looking slim is the ideal. We are encouraged to believe that this is what we should all look like too. We see the evidence of this in the slim people who are in fashion magazines, in the various beauty contests on TV, in adverts and in many other places. There are books that are devoted to helping us get this new look. One such book that tries to help you achieve this new look is Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution.

In Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, we are introduced to a new way of living - low carb living. In this new method, we are instructed what types of low carb foods we can eat. Naturally, we will have to follow strict rules for Dr Atkins diet to start working and helping us to shed those ugly pounds.

There are four phases to the Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution that must be followed by anyone who wants to lose weight the Atkins diet way. These phases are: phase 1:- the Induction; phase 2:- Ongoing Weight Loss; phase 3:- Pre-maintenance and phase 4:- Maintenance. Furthermore, the dietary rules of these stages Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution book recommends taking regular exercise and using nutritional supplements as part of his low carb diet.

During the two weeks of the Induction Stage of the diet, it is possible to lose about 15 pounds in weight. This is achieved by controlling your carb intake to 20 grammes or less per day. You can, however, eat lots of low carb vegetables in your diet like lettuce, broccoli and green beans. Eating yoghurt, fruits, pulses, legumes, bread and starchy vegetables like potatoes is out while you are on the Atkins diet. Furthermore, caffeine and alcohol drinks are not recommended.

Dr Atkins' New Diet Revolution declares that it is during the induction stage, that you will stabilize your blood sugar level, thereby curbing several health problems that arise from unstable blood sugar, like fatigue and diabetes. It is also in this stage of the diet that you break your food addictions and your cravings for different foods like sugar and alcohol.

When you enter into the 3rd and 4th phases of Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution, the book tells you that you have attained your target weight and that from now on, you can up your daily carb intake to up to 60 grams per day. However, from here on. if you want to stay at your ideal weight then you must stick to the Atkins diet for the rest of your life.

There really can't be a more scientific way to lose weight and keep it off for good. The Atkins diet does work, and by reading Dr Atkins New Diet Revolution you will be taking a step in the right direction.

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