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Friday, October 21, 2011

Basic Information About The Sugar Glycemic Index

By John Fisher

When eating something sweet is always a treat to your palate. What really are appetizing and very difficult to resist are chocolates, cakes and ice cream. Diabetic patients struggle much more in trying to resist sweet foods. The sugar glycemic index (GI) list shows some of the healthier alternatives whose GI values are in the medium range. Diabetics may not completely remove sweets from their diet as long as they pick the healthier alternatives to eat.

Diabetic patients have now sugar glycemic index value chart and that's why they can now eat sweet foods without worrying if their blood sugar level will rise. Sweets are classified as natural or artificial by the sugar glycemic index value chart. Those that are natural sugars are sucrose, glucose and fructose.

Not listed in the sugar GI list is glucose as it is naturally produced by the body. The main source of energy is glucose and it plays a special function in a person's health. The glucose will be released into the bloodstream faster when your body absorbs carbohydrates fast. When you eat foods that are in low GI value, glucose will be released slowly. Therefore, it is imperative to know the GI values of the food that is in your menu.

Fructose is categorised as a natural sugar. It has a lower GI value that the ordinary tabloe sugar although it tastes sweeter. It is mainly from fruit trees, honey, melons and berries. Although it is low in the GI list, having too much of it can negatively affect your health.

Although fructose is processed in your liver, it cannot make your blood sugar level to by itself. When too much has been ingested, the liver couldn't be able to process it into sugar. Any extra fructose will be processed as fats-triglycerides which make cells become insulin-resistant. It is the similar to sucrose it has a GI value of GI and have no nutrients to give the body.

Artificial sweeteners were made because of the increasing numbers of people who are diabetics. To satisfy their cravings for sweets, many people buy this product. One example of organic sweets is stevia which is a hundred times sweeter than the usual table sugar. Its GI value is less than 1.

Things you could have to satisfy your cravings for sweet foods are apple juice or foods made with maple syrup or agave nectar. They have low to medium GI values which make them healthy for you to have.

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