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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Know About Fruit Glycemic Index

By Brent Fox

Fruits are foods that people eat for their vitamins and nutrients. Sick people and those who are on a diet eat fruits because these are helpful to them. Diabetic people avoid eating some of them because some fruits have higher values in the fruit glycemic index chart. This chart is very useful not just for people who are diabetic, but also for those people who are on a diet. Maintaining your blood sugar level at normal range will be this easy if you have this chart around.

During the early part of 1980s, the instrument introduced that is helpful in terms of treating diabetes was the glycemic index. The fruit glycemic index chart has listed commonly eaten fruits that are eaten daily and their GI values determined for every 50g serving. Due to its effectiveness, this chart is in demand not just by diabetic patients, but also to those who always watch their weight. Everyday fruit choices will be helpful to diabetic patients through this chart.

Fighting diabetes is easy if an individual eats balanced meal everyday and follows a healthy way of living. Cherries, among all fruits, have the lowest GI value in the fruit glycemic index chart with a value of 22. Apples, regardless if they are either red or green, are second in the list with an average value of 38.

Apricots have distinct GI values depending on how they are produced. For example, dried apricots in the fruit glycemic index chart have a GI value of 31. When they are eaten fresh from a tree their GI value is around 57. Canned apricots have a GI value is at 64 per 50g serving.

Helping to maintain good health is what fruits do and they are mainly safe to eat. On the other hand, diabetic patients must know that some of the fruits must be eaten sparingly and some of these are dates. Dates, fruits that produced mainly in the Arab nations, have the highest value in the fruit glycemic index chart with a value of 103. Also, keep in mind that not all bananas have a low or a medium GI value. To maintain blood sugar level at a normal level make sure you avoid eating these fruits.

You can also find fruit juices in the chart. Fruit juices like tomato juice and unsweetened pineapple have low to medium GI values that you can drink regularly. People who are diabetic can use artificial sweeteners if they want something sweet to taste without risking their health. Always take into account that every time you want something delicious, you have to limit your food to your recommended daily intake.

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