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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Colon Cancer Tests That Can Save Your Life Explained

By Darren Kenzo Ang

Cancer is really a killer. Colon cancer may be the second most fatal of all cancers - however it does not need to be! Cancer with the colon is often a preventable illness that affects each men and girls 50 or older. It can be very easily detected in all stages - even just before it becomes cancerous!

Normal annual testing can detect abnormal cells within the colon and avoid cancer from beginning. Here are probably the most widespread colon cancer tests. Speak along with your physician about these tests.

Fecal Occult Blood Tests (FOBT). This really is probably the most prevalent and easiest test for cancer with the colon. This tests looks for blood within the stool, which may possibly indicate colon cancer. If blood is located, the physician may possibly order a colonoscopy.

Here's how the test works. Your physician will provide you with a testing kit which you'll take household. At property you smear a smaller piece of stool from your bowel movement on a card. Repeat as much as 3 distinct times - your kit will have certain directions. The cards are sent to a lab for testing. Some kits consist of the mailing packets so you may send the test straight from your house.

Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT). This can be a residence test, like the FOBT. You may get a kit from your physician and put a tiny sample of one's stool on the card. Repeat as much as 3 times - follow the directions inside the kit. Cards are sent towards the lab for testing along with the outcomes will likely be sent for your doctor's workplace. This test also looks for blood within the stool like the FOBT. If abnormal outcomes are located, a colonoscopy may well be ordered.

Sigmoidoscopy. In this test a physician will use a little lighted tube which makes it possible for him to appear inside the rectum and lower colon. The physician is searching for abnormal growths within the colon, like a polyp, which could indicate colon cancer. If a polyp is discovered, the physician will take a modest sample of tissue from it and test for cancer. A colonoscopy may well be ordered immediately after this if abnormal outcomes are discovered.

A colonoscopy permits the physician to appear inside the whole colon rather of only the lower third with the colon.

Barium enema. In this test, an x-ray is taken with the rectum and colon immediately after a unique barium enema is given. The barium is employed to create it simpler for doctors to view the x-ray and any abnormalities in it. If an abnormal growth is identified, a sample with the tissue is taken and tested. A colonoscopy may possibly be ordered if abnormal outcomes are discovered inside the tissue sample.

Your well being care provider will be the greatest individual to determine which test will be the finest 1 for you. Speak along with your physician about your testing alternatives! The FOBT and FIT tests might be performed just about every year. Combinations of tests may well be ordered by your physician.

Should you be 50 or older, then you ought to be tested annually. When you have a loved ones history of colon cancer, regardless of one's age, you could have to be tested frequently. Particular medical conditions could call for which you be frequently tested ahead of the age of 50.

Speak along with your physician about colon cancer testing. A easy test could save your life!

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