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Thursday, October 27, 2011

How counting carbs can help you lose weight

By Sloane Garstang

Looking your best has never been so important as it has been today. Our society expects us to look a certain way, and can be judgemental and cruel to those who differ from what is deemed to be 'normal' or 'right'. It is fine to make yourself look the best you can, as long as it's in a healthy way. Extreme dieting and unnatural processes such as cosmetic surgery is not always the best way to go about it. An acceptance to who we are is needed before we can healthily go about trying to change.

Dieting has become a large part of many women's lives. With the need to look good a high priority on their list, fitting that slim, trim and beautiful image has never been striven for more. There are a whole host of diets to choose from, from the Atkins and Weightwatchers to Slimming World and the Dukan diet. They all promise the elusive quick and effective weight loss that many strive for.

A more sensible and proven way to lose weight that can be a more manageable option is to cut down your carbohydrate intake. Carbohydrates basically turn into sugar, and the body can only store so much sugar so any excess is stored as fat. If you begin to cut down your carb intake, your body starts to use your body fat as fuel instead of glucose. Therefore you burn off your excess fat. If you're looking to lose weight, cutting down on sugar and carbohydrates is the best way to do it healthily and consistently.

Not only will counting carbs help you lose weight for the average person, but it can also be critical to a diabetes sufferer. By monitoring your carb intake, you are able to in turn monitor your sugar levels. This will allow you to effectively work out your amount of insulin needed.

So whether you want to shift some weight, or are in need of managing your diabetes better, look at counting and monitoring your carbohydrate intake. This can be a great way to balance your diet well and watch those pounds fall off.

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