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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What High Blood Sugar Symptoms To Look For

By Betty Dawson

The body has a variety of ways to indicate that it is suffering from high blood sugar symptoms that can cause serious illness. Glucose is vital to the human body as it provides energy to the cells allowing them to perform normally. The most common reason for the blood sugar level to rise is the body's failure to produce an adequate amount of insulin to transfer the glucose into energy. Another reason could be that the body does not respond in the correct manner to the insulin being produced.

If the blood sugar level sugar level in the body increases there is a very good chance that the individual will feel quite ill. A person's health may be seriously damaged if the high blood sugar symptoms are not diagnosed in a reasonable period of time. The symptoms given below are some of the ways to recognize the possibility of high blood sugar.

Losing weight rapidly: As the body is unable to convert the excess glucose into energy it naturally turns to the fat reserves and muscle tissues to find the energy needed to function normally. The outcome of this is that the body starts to rapidly lose weight and the amount of muscle mass is considerably decreased. Losing weight rapidly is likely to cause an individual to feel constantly fatigued and weak.

Problems with sight. The shape and structure of the eye lens can get altered because of high blood sugar. The excess sugar accumulates in the eye lens along with water, causing the lens to become hazy. Reversing this effect can take around 2 months after the blood sugar levels have been controlled.

Muscle pain. The unused glucose causes muscle burning and cramping since electrolytes are being lost. The tissue breakdown for energy causes electrolytes loss and this can create extreme soreness and distress.

Mood swings: Because there is an excess of glucose in the body the brain is prevented from functioning normally and this may cause erratic behavior and extreme mood swings.

Problem with yeast infection: Women are the sufferers of this condition. The vaginal area of a woman is where the yeast grows and with the increased level of glucose in the body, the yeast can grow in abundance which can often lead to a complete yeast infection. The condition works in two ways as the yeast infection is caused by high blood sugar, but high blood sugar levels also cause yeast infection

Going in for regular physical exams tests is important for maintaining proper health because one of the remarkable factors of high blood sugar symptoms is that some people don't exhibit any symptoms at all, which causes a number of diabetics to go untested and untreated.

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