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Friday, October 14, 2011

More On Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

By Fay Rauf

Before we talk about gestational diabetes symptoms, we need to understand what it actually is. This form of diabetes develops in women who are not necessarily normally diabetic during pregnancy, commonly in the last three month period along with is usually the result of hormone manufacturing which results in insulin resistance.

Gestational diabetes symptoms can probably equally result from the temporary inability of the pancreas to increase its end result of insulin required while a woman is pregnant. A lack of insulin causes glucose to build up in the blood to unacceptable levels.

This type of diabetes can certainly be discovered in around four percent of pregnant ladies, but happily, it hardly ever stays around after the birth of the baby.

Mom and baby can absolutely be affected by untreated gestational diabetes symptoms. The increased blood sugar of the mother passes through the placenta meaning that the baby's blood sugar level is raised even. The baby's pancreas then tries to cop rid of the high amount of sugar by producing a higher than normal amount of insulin to capture rid of it. This can absolutely lead to a condition called microsomatia or fat baby affliction so called because the extra sugar and insulin shape the baby's body package fat.

This, in turn, can probably result in the baby's shoulders being damaged during birth, the baby allowing low blood sugar also respiratory complications.

Gestational diabetes symptoms are few; ordinarily increased urination also high level of thirst. Increased hunger, vaginal infections also excessive weight gain can likewise occur. Gestational diabetes tests during pregnancy are going to be able to detect risk of the condition developing. If a risk is detected then further tests are going to be undertaken over a more prolonged period than normal.

Treatment of gestational diabetes symptoms aspires to reducing the blood sugar level to that which is normal in a pregnant woman also includes an exercise plan, a special diet along with daily monitoring of glucose levels.

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