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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Can Colon Cancer Screening Save Your Life? - Overview

By Darren Kenzo Ang

To assist discover cancers early colon cancer screening tests are utilized. Its greater to come across the cancers prior to they begin to trigger any warning signs. Early detection of colon cancer can make curing it a lot more most likely. You physician will pick the sort of colon cancer screening test you are going to have. This really is a list of unique forms of colon cancer screening test you might be asked to take.

Colonoscopy, this really is 1 that many people have heard of: You might be given medication which will make you sleepy and relaxed. This colon cancer screening is typically not painful but could be a bit uncomfortable. A thin, flexible tube using a video camera attached it inserted into your rectum, the physician will likely be in a position to view your entire colon. It may also be utilized to get rid of polyps and cancers throughout the exam.

Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, this colon cancer screening test is comparable towards the colonoscopy. A hollow tube having a light in the finish that's thin and flexible is inserted into your rectum. The tube has a tiny video camera connected to it so the physician can appear in the lower portion of one's colon and rectum. As you may envision this really is a bit uncomfortable too. This can let your physician see polyps which are extremely little. Even just before they are able to be identified in a fecal blood test. (Additional Signs Of Colon Cancer Articles)

Digital Rectal Exam, no this really is not a different camera that they're going to be sticking up your you realize what. This really is when the physician will put their gloved finger into your rectum to determine if they are able to really feel any growths. This colon cancer screening test isn't painful but a bit uncomfortable. This test can only locate 10% or much less of colon cancers.

Double-Contrast Barium Enema, in this test you may be given an enema; fluid is going to be injected into your rectum. This liquid will show up on an x-ray and give the physician a appear to determine if they are able to uncover any abnormal spots on your entire colon. If any spots are located they'll set you up for a colonoscopy to check them out.

Fecal Occult Blood Test, hey guess what in this test nobody is sticking anything up your rectum! Your stool will likely be checked for blood that you simply can not see. You get to do this at property, at the least the stool sample portion. You'll get a kit to bring property and return to your physician together with your sample. If they uncover any blood then your back towards the rectum sticking portion of this write-up.

You will discover a number of issues which you could eat that may trigger a false positive. You do not desire to eat these for at the very least two days prior to obtaining your stool sample. So you ought to remain away from horseradish, red meat, vegetables and aspirin just before you take your sample.

If for any cause you believe you may have colon cancer, make an appointment along with your physician to have 1 of these colon cancer screening test carried out. Early detection could save your life.

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