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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alcohol Flavoring Enhances Mocktails

By George Napoli

Alcohol Flavorings Have 0 Alcohol, 0 Carbs For Dieters, Diabetics And Designated Drivers New Products Announced

Yum Drops Flavoring just announced 4 new natural alcohol flavorings. Their new natural flavor concentrates, provides the entire alcohol flavoring of familiar coffee cordials and liqueurs with no alcohol and no carbs.

It's a known fact, when it comes to dieting, diabetes, designated drivers as well as health conscious consumers, alcoholic beverages and this group of consumers, just does not mix. This group of people, typically avoids alcohol or the calories from alcoholic beverages, and is looking for alternatives to virgin cocktails. What they need and want are the flavor of an alcoholic beverage with no alcohol, no carbs and no calories.

When we talk about virgin cocktails, this is what we actually mean by the description we call non alcoholic beverages. A non-alcoholic beverage is a drink which does not include any alcohol. Non-alcoholic mixed cocktails include: punches, virgin cocktails, or mocktails, and are often drank by kids, dieters, diabetics and designated drivers. It also includes everyone wanting to enjoy alcohol flavoring with no alcohol.

Here are some examples of what is available today when you search for non-alcoholic beverages. Examples include near beers, Shirley Temples, Virgin Mary, and virgin-style pia coladas. The category includes drinks that traditionally have no trace of alcohol such as sodas, juices, and sparkling ciders. It also includes drinks that have undergone an alcohol removal process such as non-alcoholic beers and alcohol free wines. Non-alcoholic beer can contain a small amount of alcohol (the exact percentage varies by country), so purchasers of non-alcoholic beer in some US states must be at least 21.

Yum Drops introduced new complete product offering of natural flavor drops with no carbs and no calories the end of July. These natural flavor additives improve the tastes of water, coffee, teas, dairy and dessert products and contain just a hint of natural stevia to enhance the flavor and not sweeten it. This new line of natural alcohol flavorings has had a lot of success, having been introduced earlier this month. The new flavorings have been accepted and approved with dieticians and nutritionists for their dieters and diabetes patience as well.

The new natural alcohol flavor concentrates contain no stevia and 0 carbs, 0 calories, 0 fats. That's a big deal when people are counting the carbs that alcohol beverages deliver. These new products include four popular flavors: amaretto, Irish Creme, dark rum and coffee liqueur. The products are doing so well, tequila, bourbon and brandy are already in development stages.

Now, dieters, diabetics and designated drivers can order a virgin mojito or Coke and add natural dark rum flavoring to blend their own cocktail flavors. These flavor concentrates won't get people intoxicated, but they will swear their cocktails smell and taste just like the real thing. Today more then ever, consumers are looking for natural flavorings. Natural flavor drops are all about flavoring.

Visit their website to see their full line of natural flavor concentrates available, as well as their new line of natural alcohol flavorings.

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