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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What You May Not Not Know About Pre Diabetes

By Martin Dunn

To be told that you are a pre diabetic, can rock your world. Quite frankly, it should.

Alarm bells should be ringing, if you have been diagnosed as having pre diabetes. Pre diabetes becomes type 2 diabetes, if you do not take steps to prevent it from happening. Believe me...... you dont want to have type 2 diabetes. It is horrible.

I know something first hand about type 2 diabetes. My mother lost her foot because of it. With the onset of type 2 diabetes, you risk more than just the loss of a foot. It can also cause kidney failure, loss of eyesight and even early death.

The cause of pre diabetes is not known, but researchers know that overweight people are prone to it. Excess fat, especially abdominal fat, and inactivity seem to play an important role in who becomes pre diabetic.

There is only one way to prevent pre diabetes from becoming type 2 diabetes. You must lose weight and keep it off. Permanent weight loss can only be achieved by doing regular exercise, on an ongoing basis, and adhering to a good diet for the rest of your life.

Most pre diabetics are overweight because their diet is poor and they live inactive lives. To prevent the onset of pre diabetes, you must change your diet and you must become more active physically.

This means that pre diabetics have to change their lifestyle. This is hard to do.

You have a choice to make now. You can either change your diet and become more physically active, or you can carry on with your current eating patterns and activity level.

If you carry on eating and living as you have been doing, there is a good chance that you will develop type two diabetes. If you follow a good diet and exercise regularly, you will lose weight and prevent the onset of diabetes.

To stay free of diabetes, you must not regain the weight that you lose. Therefore you will have to remain physically active and eat well for the rest of your life.

The subject of exercise for weight loss is well covered elsewhere, as is the subject of diets. Just be alert to the fact that most popular diets are not designed to give permanent weight loss. They are geared to providing fast weight loss. You will not achieve permanent weight loss by doing a fast weight loss diet.

You can prevent the onset of type 2 diabetes. Now you know how to do it. Dont allow type 2 diabetes to develop. Once you have it, it is irreversible.

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