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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Excess Sugar Can Be Unhealthy To The Heart

By Helena Atkins

What's life without a sweet treat once in a while, right? Everyone enjoys sugary desserts but experts say too many of them can lead to health problems, especially heart disease.

Reports indicate that people who eat large amounts of sugar on a regular basis may find they have increased risk factors for heart disease. These factors include increased levels of triglycerides as well as decreased levels of protective lipoproteins and HDL or good cholesterol.

In the study, 6,000 adults were asked questions about their diet. They were then grouped by cholesterol and sugar intake. Of the participants, about 16% of their average daily calories were from added sugar.

Researchers learned that those who had the largest amount of sugar had eaten 46 teaspoons per day. They found that the participants with the least amount of sugar had eaten just three teaspoons per day.

Experts recommend women eat just six teaspoons of extra sugar a day and men nine teaspoons. This means processed and additive sugars, not fruit and naturally occurring sugars.

Researchers who conducted these studies hope their findings will influence food manufacturers from adding sugar to their foods to prevent heart disease. The impact of such studies has resulted in some states taxing sugary soft drinks to avoid obesity and related diseases.

With just a half-cent sales tax on sugary soft drinks can result in reducing the consumption of these beverages by 10 gallons each year. That's a reduction of 50 gallons to 40 gallons.

Experts know that excess sugar consumption has a direct link to heart disease and other debilitating diseases like obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. Reducing your intake of sugar can only improve your health and may increase your lifespan.

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