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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are my dogs ears infected or just red?

By Wayne Harley

Has your dog been acting like he has something in his ear that is driving him nuts? Is he using cotton balls frequently, like he is trying desperately to lose his wax buildup? Is he bending his head to the side, shaking it like he just jumped out of the swimming hole? Your dog might have an ear infection.

Your Dog's Ear Infection Symptoms

* Your doggy is scratching or rubbing at his ears * Tilting his head to its side, or down, shaking his head. * Ear discharge or crustiness. * Dog's ears look bloody, waxy, bright red inside or swollen. * Your dog may yelp or be overly sensitive when his ears are touched.

If the early stages of your dog's ear infection goes without treatment it can get deeper into the ear. This causes your dog's lack of comfort to increase sharply. Following are more dog symptoms if the infection gets worse:

* The dog may hold his head as still as possible, and to its side. * Opening his mouth or touching his head will cause pain in your dog. * Dizziness. Dogs can become dizzy, with poor balance and coordination, as the infection travels to the inner ear. * Dog may walk around in circles. * Vomiting.

What's Behind Dog Ear Infections

* Wet ears not dried after swimming or bathing. * Ear canal growths. * Ear wax building up. * Removing hair from ears during grooming. * Ear mites going untreated * Using cotton swabs to clean ears (can force things further into the ear canal) * Allergies from grasses or ear medications.

Take the time to check your dogs ears on a regular basis. If you decide you're going to clean your dogs ears yourself, please be extremely careful so as to not create worse problems. Finding an ear infection early on can prevent your dog a lot of pain. Your vet can give you the best medication to relieve your dog's infection.

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