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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Diabetic Neuropathy - Overloading The Nerves With Glucose

By Agnes Driscoll

Diabetic patients have to endure so much, but when faced with the prospects of the many possible complications of the same, the uglier face of this chronic disease reveals itself. One such complication, which many claim is the most feared, is diabetic neuropathy.

This complication causes nerve damage that makes it difficult for the rest of the body to send message to the brain. By simply reading this description, you'd get an idea about how debilitating this condition can be. You can potentially lose your sense of feeling, the movement of your limbs, your ability to digest food, your heart's power to keep up with the demands of the body, and for males, it may even cause impotence.

Diabetes is a chronic disease the decreases the body's ability to metabolize sugar. As such, glucose builds up to very high levels, and this causes a lot of dangers. One such danger is the damage to the nerves. Since sugar is carried by blood, and blood travels through the nerves, a high buildup of sugar can be too much for the said nerves to handle.

Males are more prone to contracting neuropathy. Though no exact numbers are available, the number of neuropathy cases in the US is pegged at 10 to 65% of diabetic patients. This is a large number, which should prompt the need for more measures that will have prevent the development of this complication.

Diabetic neuropathy produces some symptoms even during the early stages of its development. It may be as simple as a burning sensation in your legs, or as frivolous as diarrhea or constipation. It may be as dismissible as occasional failures to achieve an erection. Or it may be as conventional as periodic experiences of lightheadedness. Nonetheless, for people who are already suffering from diabetes, these symptoms should not be taken lightly. Though they may be caused by other factor, the fact remains that they may be caused by developing diabetic neuropathy.

The best cure against diabetic neuropathy is prevention. Diabetic patients are advised to keep a close eye on their body's sugar level. This should be done regularly. Any unusual increase in the same should be dealt with immediately. Additionally, medicine and supplements that are meant to combat such an increase should not be skipped. A healthy and varied diet in accordance with the diabetic food pyramid should also be observed strictly. A doctor-prescribed exercise program is also recommended.

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