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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Leading edge Sharps Diabetic Needle Disposal System Delivers Complete Safety for All

By Matthew Walker

Over 1.4 billion syringes are used by patients at home and on a tight schedule each year. Suitable disposal could be a problem, with approximately 385,000 accidental needle stick injuries annually in the United States. Post Medical, Inc. Manufactures and markets a patented sharps disposal system for home injectable medicines, The Voyager, providing a total diabetes needle disposal solution that gets rid of random injury and potential exposure to blood-borne pathogens.

"Post Medical has a commitment to providing uninterrupted, eco-friendly and safer sharps disposal solutions that improve the safeness of health-care workers, patients and the community," expounded Matthew Walker, President and Chief Operating Officer.

The Voyager is large enough to accommodate over 100 needles, yet sufficiently small to slip into a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase. It offers discreet sharps disposal anytime or place it's needed. Many matching products simply clip the used needle, leaving a tiny bit of it still observable. The Voyager is specifically engineered to sever the needle and center from the rest of the syringe barrel, effectively stopping any reuse of the syringe. The Voyager holds 100-120 insulin syringe needles and the container can be placed in regular household trash in some states. Check local and state rules for proper needle disposal.

The Voyager accepts 1/3cc, 1/2cc and 1cc insulin syringes, with most lancets and glucose test strips. There's never any danger of family, buddies, youngsters or pets accidentally being stuck by a used needle. It also gives a safe solution for waste handlers and others in the chain of disposal that are in danger of needles placed in hazardous containers such as bleach bottles and coffee cans.

Patients with diabetes remain active players in a wide range of activities, and the Voyager diabetic needle disposal system by Post Medical, Inc. Allows them to enjoy life to the fullest, without being concerned about the disposal of their medical supplies or inflicting accidental needle sticks. It is an ideal home and travel solution that offers complete safety for family, buddies, pets and disposal workers.

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