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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Major Reasons Why You Need To Stop Taking Mangosteen

By Lester Tan

Many people think that mangosteen is completely safe. They believe that adults and children can use it without concern for interaction with medicines.

When the medical community did complain about it, it was mainly to point out how many people were taking it instead of medicine they needed. In some cases, they would forgo life-saving treatment, foolishly expecting the fruit to effect a miracle cure.

New findings now point out that this fruit, when used without medical supervision, can cause some major health issues by reducing the production of essential fats. It can cause dangerous weight loss, which can be harmful unless a person is extremely obese.

This is because fats, aka lipids, are a significant fuel source for your body. There are also possible dangers associated with the use of this fruit for immunodeficiency disorders.

In fact, some reports show that this popular antioxidant may actually interfere with the effectiveness of some cancer treatments including radiation and chemotherapy. Diabetics, also, have been advised to be careful with it, as it is not sugar-free.

Mangosteen does not stay fresh very long at all. This is a problem because its therapeutic properties are only available if you use it in its natural state. Manufacturers try to extend its shelf life by adding stabilizing agents and various preservatives.

These components that are added to mangosteen may be causing some problems in their own right. Some side effects or drug interactions blamed on mangosteen may be caused by the stabilizers or preservatives.

Here is another reason that you need to be careful with mangosteen. It blocks histamines in the body. You might think that this is a good thing, especially if you sometimes take antihistamines. What many people don't realize, however, is that histamines are important to healing. When you are injured they increase blood flow to this area. Histamines also affect important metabolic responses, and if these chemicals are blocked it is very metabolically disruptive.

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