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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Adults Who Urinate In Bed Do Not Need To Suffer

By Patricia Miller

Bed wetting is obviously quite common in developing children who are potty training and still lack the physical control and psychological cues needed to always recognize a need to go to the bathroom. There is no lack of books, training videos and websites devoted to solutions, suggestions and products designed for children who wet their beds.

Adults who involuntarily wet themselves during sleep often feel ashamed and afraid to mention their problem to anyone, even their own doctor. This is an unfortunate mistake.

It is not only unhealthy older adults who suffer from uncontrollable bed wetting, but also younger adults and even teenagers who are healthy and active. While daytime incontinence could also be a problem with many people older people, adult bedwetting seems to affect people from all walks of life and ages.

There are two distinct kinds of adult bed wetters. They are loosely broken into people who have wet their beds all their lives and people who have only begun wetting their beds after decades of dryness.

Physical issues could be the underlying cause of bed wetting in adults who have suffered from nocturnal enuresis all their lives. These people are said to be suffering from primary nocturnal enuresis and it can be challenging to treat in some cases.

Adult onset enuresis, or secondary nocturnal enuresis, is a type of bed wetting which adults are said to suffer from when they develop their habits later in life and have not spent their entire lives suffering.

Many times adults who begin wetting the bed after a period of dryness unintentionally contribute to their own problems. Excessive drinking, caffeine or even drug use could all lead to adult bed wetting. Emotional distress can also lead to occasional bed wetting amongst adults who don't normally have a problem sleeping and staying dry through the night.

If you suffer from adult bed wetting or have concerns about someone who does, visiting a urologist or qualified physician is probably your best option.

Some reports estimate that 2% - 3% of all adults suffer from nocturnal enuresis at some point. The good news is that there is lots of help for adults who wet the bed and visiting a doctor is a good first step.

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