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Friday, May 20, 2011

How Your Way Of Living Can Give Rise To Diabetes

By Mario Yabog

This can be true, your way of living or your lifestyle can give you diabetes. So it is imperative that you take immediate action prior to it is too late. Take a look at this, your diabetes may be controlled by diet single handedly. You could believe that this is massive enough control the disease' progression, let alone the possibility of injections of insulin or oral hypoglycemics four times a day.

You have another aspect to tackle, the mental approach. Even so one's insulin is managed, and whatever routine 1 has to adopt, it's the mental approach that's crucial. To be tough here, adopting a "poor me" attitude helps no one, least of all the patient.

It is an indisputable reality that elevated tension increases blood sugar levels. Making oneself worry about what could never occur only serves to make the condition worse. Yes, the lengthy term possible consequences of diabetes are foot amputations, blindness and renal failure, which are fairly horrendous to contemplate, but these are all entirely avoidable if one monitors one's blood glucose levels frequently and takes the medicine as prescribed.

When the physician told me that I had type 2 diabetes in 2008, I was just petrified, yes, but I have had to deal with numerous shocks over the years. 1 factor my physician said to me which I grabbed hold of was this: "Believe of it as an chance to genuinely improve your health".

From the beginning I thought he was just kidding. How could I enhance my well being when I'd just been diagnosed with a chronic illness that has no cure?

Eventually, I realized a lot, and it's some of the greatest advice I've ever been given.

You have to know that diabetes, kinds 1 or 2 is incurable, the end. But then, it's a reality that most folks diagnosed with kind 2 diabetes are overweight. I was no exception. I was also suffering from high blood pressure and raised (bad) cholesterol.

In the kind 2 diabetes, I now had to continually check my blood sugar levels a number of times a day. To maintain stable blood glucose levels, you have to be careful what you eat. Further, to prevent future health complications, a little but typical amount of exercise should be taken.

The idea is, to keep oneself from being wholesome, all the above actions not only serve to maintain your diabetes under control, they also form a pattern for life that makes you fitter, and above all, makes you really feel great about your self.

Isn't it funny to believe that diabetes can force you to a a lot more healthier lifestyle than you had before (and you wish you had before), as lengthy as you maintain a tight control over your blood glucose levels.

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