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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Diabetes is a Deadly Disease

By Hugo E. Cercil

It's not so difficult to be healthy these days. Even the many diseases that plague us can be drastically reduced if we live right and eat right. Diet and exercise; those are the tricks to healthy living. Especially if you are trying to keep clear of diabetes, diet and exercise are two things you cannot be too casual with. If you really care for your health, then you will take these words seriously.

For everything, there is a reason; for every disease and ailment, something has got to cause it. I can't say for sure that the cause of diabetes is too much sugar, or that losing out on exercise is it, but I can say with confidence that they contribute. So, what your lifestyle.

You need to know everything that diabetes means and entails if you are going to beat it. Yes, ignorance about diabetes is not bliss and might even kill you before the condition does. Even if you have gotten to an irreversible stage of the condition, you still need to know. At least there are some points you might still try out that could make living more comfortable.

By eating right in the first place you could have kept any number of diseases away. But who listens to the teacher in high school when they go on and on about it? You just wanted to get out of class, didn't you? Well, now you can't wait to get out of the doctor's office to go shopping for your new list of foods. Wish it had never had to get as bad as a case of diabetes.

I tell everyone that I ever meet who is dealing with diabetes: a solid diet is the solution. Yes, that's absolutely the truth and if you adhere to it, you will be the better for it. It does not cost you a lot of time or effort. Just discretion in picking out the foods that you must eat. And if you stick with that, you might learn to love yourself yet, even with the disease.

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