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Monday, May 9, 2011

How To Use Examples Of Low Cholesterol Diets

By Owen Jones

Although more and more people are becoming aware that they ought to follow a low (er) cholesterol diet as they become older, they might not be aware of how to do this. People eat out a great deal more now than ever before or they have food delivered.

Unfortunately most of the food consumed at or from these places has a poor record when it comes to regulating cholesterol. You will find it difficult to impossible to follow a low cholesterol diet and eat junk food at the same time.

There are lots of examples of low cholesterol diets on the Net and it would be a good thing for you to look at some of these until you find a chef's recommendations that match your tastes.

For instance, one cook might have a penchant for vegetarian cooking and so would create a collection of low cholesterol recipes containing vegetarian food, while another cook might favour fish and so would create lots of low cholesterol recipes involving fish.

Naturally, if you have more diverse tastes then the world is your oyster and you can mix and match recipes from all over the world. There are a number of cultures that do not eat meat at all, for instance, the Hindus. There are thousands of Hindu recipes which are naturally low in cholesterol or which could be readily adapted by substituting olive oil for ghee as the oil in which to cook.

Or you may like the Japanese manner of cooking, which involves a higher proportion of fish than we eat in the West. Fish is a very good source for example of HDL, or good, cholesterol. Japanese meals can be of a number of different styles. an unusual one of which is sushi, which has become favourite with the trend-setters.

Chinese and Thai food also contains far less meat that traditional Western recipes. They also tend to cook using soya oil, which is a product known to reduce the level of LDL or 'bad' cholesterol. If, when you look at traditional recipes from these countries, you see something you could improve on then go ahead and adapt it.

For example, when you go to a Chinese restaurant, you always get white rice. Why not substitute brown rice? The same goes for Thai food. Brown rice is fed to convicts in Thai gaols, so it is associated with low class, hence Thais eat white rice. But you do not have to.

If you enjoy barbecues, you might have to lay off the steaks, chops, sausages and burgers, but you can still barbecue all kinds of fish, crabs, prawns and lobster. Eels are good for a barbecue too and so is unleaven bread and some vegetables such as sweet corn.

There are so many examples of low cholesterol diets that eating in this way does not have to become monotonous. In fact, it might just open your eyes to some of the other ways of cooking going on in the world. You may just end up realizing that most of the meals in your life up to now have been fairly similar.

While you are looking for examples of low cholesterol diets, remember that adaptation and substitution are the best strategies - become adaptable and enjoy your new, healthier diet.

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