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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Positive Aspects Of Being On A Diabetic Diet

By Sue Ellis

When you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to understand that there are several things you can control about the situation. By changing your overall lifestyle, you can begin to gain control of your life. Included with new behaviors and habits concerns the approach commonly called the diabetic diet. You can greatly influence the stability of your blood sugar every day with proper nutrition. Going further, you can help ensure your health by getting regular amounts of exercise. If you are overweight, then just resolve to lose it. This article will detail some crucial aspects of the diabetic diet.

If you have not already heard about the ABC component of the diabetic diet approach, then you will shortly. Cardiovascular functions and proper levels of blood chemistry are the attributes that this focuses upon. The A factor refers to the hemoglobin A1c test, and that test measures the three month average of your blood sugar. Blood pressure is also taken into account with the B component of the test. HDL and LDL cholesterol levels are measured by the C component that measures cholesterol. The healthy region of this test will have all three factors in the green.

You may have more concerns to contend with if you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Research indicates that a diet that is high in fiber will benefit Type 2 diabetics. Using this approach, it is possible to achieve positive results for cholesterol levels and blood sugar. However, it is still recommended to eat proper amounts of whole grain breads, cereals and fruits. Your body will benefit from the vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients that these are rich sources of. Consulting your dietitian or physician before using this high fiber diet is recommended. The key is to not ingest an excessive amount of carbohydrates every day.

Artificial sweeteners are definitely a special consideration in regard to diabetes. Your daily diet will not be influenced by additional carbohydrates when using these sugar substitutes. It is, however, not a guarantee that you will not ever get extra carbohydrates by just using artificial sweeteners. Before you consume anything, always default to reading the food labels before you eat anything. You may even consult a table for glycemic indexes of artificial sweeteners. Pay attention to the gram amount of carbohydrates per serving when you're cooking your meals.

The diabetic diet has been improved due to modern research uncovering compelling resources and facts. There are many convenient methods that make managing your daily diet much easier, but not only based upon this approach. Before you begin the diabetic diet, it might be a good idea to consult with the certified and registered dietitian that specializes in this area. Your doctor will be able to refer you to a proper dietician who can provide you with current research information. Forming the necessary habits is essential to succeeding with the diabetic diet.

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