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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is the Slow Carb Diet for you?

By Elisabeth Hall

Low carb, slow carb diet programs are becoming more popular compared to low fat diets. Thanks to Gary Taubes (who's reported basic research previously pushed aside) , it's now known that carbohydrates bring about extra weight, a lot more so than fats. Many of us continue to be having doubts regarding this simply because we have been so indoctrinated in to the Low Fat concept.

And at first glance, who prefers to live without baked goods, potatoes, rice...we love our comfort foods! However we are really not indicating you can't ever have these ever again -- and let me just high light for you a few of the major health benefits of going on a slow carb diet. You'll be truly amazed!

* Weight loss - This is the "like duh" point of this post, as it's a diet of course. Nevertheless it is important to realize that a slow carb diet is really one of the keys to successful weight loss. Refined carbohydrates (fast carbs!) cause a fast spike in blood sugar, that prompts the pancreas to secrete extra insulin. This, subsequently, causes your to body store calories as body fat, not use them as energy. Not really good.

* Diabetes Prevention. If you look into just what carbs are, you'll recognize it comes down to the point that they're nothing but sugars. An excessive amount sugars puts pressure on your pancreas, which will struggle to keep up with the amount of blood sugar. At some point, your pancreas will probably stop operating properly -- and you'll find yourself screening your blood and giving yourself insulin injections. Going on a slow carb diet would mean less sugar, that means you'll have a happy pancreas that won't bail on you.

* No more food addictions. Slow carb diets are invaluable in overcoming emotional and compulsive eating. It is quite common anytime you are frustrated you tend to wolf down carbohydrate food as sugars provide you with a temporary happy feeling (I understand exactly what I'm speaking about, I once ate 9 hot cross buns in one sitting during a especially dismal day). To be able to eat as much as you wish of proteins, fat and slow carbs breaks the dependence on sugars. Eliminating your obsession with food is an excellent leap in the making of a significantly better you.

* More (constant) energy. Sugar crashes are routine after a large carb-filled meal. Eat a bagel and you will feel energetic for a short time, but the next thing you know you will be yawning non-stop. Foods high in carbs never stay in your blood for long. They create a distinct upward spike and then... everything that goes up must come down. Other foods, for instance fresh vegetables, beans, protein and also fats maintain a constant blood sugar levels which keep you full of energy for for a longer time.

* Heart Disease Prevention. Slow carb diets, contrary to popular belief, aid the prevention of heart disease. We have been told for several years that "low fat" will do this -- and thus we've eaten low fat but still acquire high cholesterol, triglycerides and low HDL and high LDL. Consuming a well-balanced Slow Carb Diet essentially reverses this -- as you can easily learn about in Gary Taubes' books.

These are just a handful of the many health gains most typically associated with going on a slow carb diet. They are really worth following and absolutely will not cause you any regret. Why don't you toss out your potatoes and start on this healthful diet today?

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