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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What is Diabetes Mellitus - Overview and Types?

By Hazel Mccoy

Do you know what is Diabetes mellitus? Diabetes mellitus is the condition characterized by the increased level of glucose in blood. Diabetes mellitus is a common condition, and there are several individuals around the globe, who are suffering from this illness.

Diabetes mellitus develops due to several reasons. One of the major reasons is the lack of insulin inside the body. Insulin is a hormone, which controls blood sugar level. The role of insulin is to decrease glucose inside the body and transfer it to the cells and tissues, where it can be used for energy generation. Insulin is secreted by a specific area inside the pancreas, known as islet of Langerhans.

The disease can be broadly classified into two major categories; First those individuals who develop diabetes mellitus since their childhood. These are those individuals, who develop this illness as a result of lack of insulin. This is called as type I diabetes mellitus. On the contrary, there are some other individuals, who use to develop type II diabetes mellitus. This type is developed as a result of insufficient insulin in blood. It means that those who are suffering from type II diabetes mellitus still secreting insulin unlike type I; however, their secretion is insufficient to control blood sugar appropriately.

Diabetes mellitus is considered one of the major culprits of several lethal illnesses. A person may become more prone to develop heart diseases, stroke, kidney failure and other problems in the long run. According to an estimate, more than 50% individuals suffering from terminal illnesses possess diabetes mellitus since many years.

Few years back, another variant of diabetes mellitus is discovered. This variant is called as insulin resistance. According to an estimate, around 25% individuals around the globe are suffering from insulin resistance, with or without obvious symptoms of diabetes mellitus. This is condition in which a person develops resistance to insulin. It means he does have insulin secretion in his body, but it remains in inactive form.

One of the major causes of diabetes mellitus is obesity and increased body weight. Those who use to eat more carbohydrates and sugary items are also prone to develop diabetes mellitus more frequently.

It is necessary to get instant checkup for the timely diagnosis of this condition. This is the only way to prevent some lethal illness and to protect the body from several other diseases which become more common as a result of diabetes mellitus.

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