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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Shake That Body

By Marse Bailser

When fat accumulates in the body over a long period of time and there is no movement in the body to burn this fat off the fat moves into our cells causing our body to become sick. Many signs that the body is becoming ill will surface with a person's lack of ability to sleep, depression, diabetes, hypertension...the list can go on and on.

SHAKE THAT BODY--this is what the medical experts want you to do, because it is not food alone that creates the excessive of fat. Job, or family stress, work habits, physical trauma, are just a few more factors that can play into your life causing your body to shut down and not burn calories.

Many health professionals whom you would see for a regular check-up will also be your advocate in getting healthier, you just have to ask.

Eating healthy food is not only good for your body and actually helps your burn through calories faster but healthy food invigorates the mind, and a health mind allows you to go places.

The second area recommended will be to start moving. This does not mean you need to run right out and start lifting weights, visit the gym everyday and or take an aerobics class, it mean you need to start doing something- get out of that chair, away from the TV and shake that body.

A change in behavior and a shift to move that body will improve circulation in the body, remove toxins, and improve your flexibility. Your muscles will strengthen, including your heart which will decrease the chance or stroke or heart attack. Your larger bones will also be stronger allowing for a better movement through the hip area.

When you are out and about your mind is also active and learning, for instance if your exercise routine includes new moves or a class where you are learning a new skill- your mind is also awakening and growing which is very beneficial as you age.

The first few steps have to come from you- the choice is yours to make. Take the challenge, get up and move that body, choose to eat healthier, and get involved in life, you will live longer and have more health benefits keeping in pain free for a much longer time in your life span.

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