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Saturday, May 28, 2011

What if You are Diagnosed With Diabetes

By Hugo E. Cercil

You may still enjoy all that you used to enjoy, but now you simply have to do them in controlled portions. I am talking about the diabetes diagnosis you got the other day, and the new diet you have to adopt. You may still enjoy eating, but now you simply have to eat in the right portions.

All you need in dieting when you have been diagnosed with diabetes is common sense. With common sense, you can choose your foods wisely and still enjoy them in spite of the condition you are suffering from. With common sense, you can thus be able to keep the ailment in check, even though you don't find cure. Use your common sense in your diabetes diet.

There is no food that is poison in itself, but they could be to you depending on your orientation or the condition of your health. As a diabetic, for instance, there simply are some stuffs that you do not need to eat a lot of. Stuffs like sugar and carbohydrates are not good for your health in such a condition. Instead, you need vitamins. Lots and lots of vitamins.

Carbohydrates have no place as part of your diabetic diet. Even if you must eat them, you have to make sure that they are in trace quantities. Being as they are intense sources of glucose, your diabetic system can do a lot better without them.

A diabetes diet is the kind of diet that keeps you healthy when you suffer from diabetes. You see, certain eating habits have been known to contribute to a worse diabetic condition, but with the right kind of eating, you can still stay alive while the rest of the treatment goes on.

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