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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Actos is Adequate Enough to Moderate Your Blood Glucose Levels

By Gregor Apostoredu

Diabetes is running rampant in society today. With computers, video games and TV people are becoming more and more sedentary. Type 2 diabetes is being treated with medicines like Actos and other oral medications.

Being diabetic is never easy and can be alarming. You must be knowledgeable about this disease to avoid life-threatening events from happening. Diabetes is when you have an increased blood glucose level. Having restrictions in your diet together with proper exercises can be very helpful in maintaining your health status. Several misconceptions can arise if you lack information about this disease.

In contrast to what is known by many, diabetes is not just about sugar. A diabetic can take in some sugar but it must be of moderate amounts. Diabetics usually follow a dietary plan. You can still take in most of your favorite foods but with restrictions.

With proper diet, exercise and medicines, diabetic patients can live a healthy and normal life. Patients with type 2 DM usually take medicines. This increases the production of insulin and helps reduce sugar from the liver. Some adverse effects of oral medicines can be alarming and you must seek consultation immediately. As you visit your physician, you will have to undergo blood tests to assess your blood glucose level.

Many complications can develop if the disease is not treated correctly. Visual problems, kidney and nerve damage are few of the most common glitches. Once you develop sores and deep wounds, it may require some time to heal. These lesions must be cleaned and monitored regularly to avoid infections.

The benefits to some of the medicines is that once it is under control you can manage it quite well with them. Some people with Type 2 have adjusted their diet and exercise and lost weight. They have then been able to come off of the medicines because they control it with diet. This may not work for everyone and medicines may still be needed.

There are many ways to help control your diabetes. Oral medications, insulin, diet and exercise all work to keep you healthy and your sugar under control. Once you have learned what affects your sugar and how it does you can better control your diabetes. Every case is different and something like Actos may work for you and not for others. Talk with your doctor to discuss prescription options. You can also consult a nutritionist to make sure what diet plan will be best. You can control this disease and not let it control you.

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