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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flavored Water And Flavor Drops Is A Wise Choice For Health Conscious Consumers

By George Napoli

So you ask yourself, how can flavored water be a smart health choice? Then the question turns to what is stevia and what does it have to do with smart healthy choices anyway? Let's start with flavored water and we will conclude with the benefits of stevia.

When you mix flavored water with stevia natural sweetener to enhance the flavoring, you get no carbs, no calorie beverage. Natural flavored waters with these qualities are a smart healthy selection for these reasons: 1. If you like the taste of water, you will automatically consumer more of it naturally and that's great for hydration. 2. No carbs and no calories means this beverage is great for weight loss and diabetics. 3. Using natural stevia sweetener means nothing artificial and that means no increases in insulin levels.

"Quench thirst with H2O." That's what Chicago's Time Out Magazine reports in their July 23-29 article. They claim that "71% of us said water is your favorite summer time thirst drink." When it comes to thirst quenching, there is nothing better than water. And just like the second piece of cake isn't as good as the first, neither is the second glass of water.

Water is the primary ingredient in flavored water so it naturally hydrates you. Trouble with staying properly hydrated is: H2O gets boring and sometimes just don't want another glass and usually reach for high caloric beverages, like juices and soda or coffee and teas. Many of these drinks are loaded with (HFCS) high fructose corn syrups and are more like sugar water. Teas and coffees dehydrate us even though they are made with water.

Here are the results from consuming typical drinks that have empty calories: 1. Typical person consumes 450 calories a day. 2. That's twenty nine pounds annually in extra weight gain. 3. That's just extra calories you consume in beverages and that you have to live with by choosing to add weight or work it off.

Making water taste better is what flavored water is all about. Hydration or re-hydration is the real value of drinking flavored water. Calorie free and carb free features add to the health choice decision as a low cost alternative to typical beverages.

Flavored water is priced at different levels, from pennies a serving to upscale price points. Flavored concentrates used to flavor water are pennies a serving and are easy to carry and use anytime, anywhere. Match the right price point with the right calorie selection for your perfect flavored water and health drink choice.

Using natural flavorings and natural stevia sweetener blends the best flavored waters. Always pick natural flavored water with no carbs and no calories. You can also mix your own flavored waters by using flavoring concentrates and flavor drops.

You can locate quite a few health retailers and nutrition clinics that offer these products for weight loss and diabetics. You can also find them on the internet searching keywords: flavored water, flavoring concentrates, flavor drops. Where ever you purchase them, buy your no carb, no calorie flavored waters you should know it's the right health selection for you in the long term.

George Napoli is the publisher of this article and CEO of yumdropsflavoring.com and has researched the benefits of flavored water and stevia for over 5 years. Their natural flavor drops make perfect flavored water for weight loss and diabetics.

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