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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reasons why Kangen Water Machines are incomparable to other water ionizers

By Mick Moore

When comparing several of the top water ionizers available to buy, it's possible you'll assume that they are producing the same pH and the same ORP readings. But time and time again, we get new customers who made the mistake of purchasing other water ionizers.

They come to us half a year later, complaining how their machine's performance has dropped, and for that reason, doesn't produce precisely the same pH and ORP anymore. People were even promised a lifetime warranty by other companies, but sadly, did not read the fine print. The SD501's performance will not degrade or drop for its 15-year life span. Plus, Enagic's warranty covers the complete machine: Bumper-to-Bumper, because we know that the SD501 is a true powerhouse with consistent performance, even in massive usage capacity.

Enagic's Kangen Water System has solid ionization plates exceeding 232 square inches of ionizing surface area, made entirely of pure, medical grade titanium and platinum! Each Kangen Water Machine is handmade: the 'Rolls Royce' of water ionizers. There is 7 large (4.75" by 7") 99.99% titanium and platinum plates, with proven technology that produces antioxidant, high pH and hexagonal micro-clustered water consistently

The overall exposure of the water between the 7 plates is nearly 450% more than other brands. Only a few water ionizers that you can purchase use solid plates. These plates are more like stamped bits of paper than fortified grids. Others use mesh plates, claiming that the water has more room to circulate. However, faster degradation occurs when the water is not really ionized on upon the first pass through the plates

The Kangen Water Ionizer features a transformer power unit supplying 230 watts of continuous power to the huge electrolysis plates. Other units with lower wattage contain merely a quarter of the amount of titanium and platinum versus Kangen Machines and simply could not handle 230 watts

Enagic won't use switched-mode power supplies, which turn off as soon as they get too warm, because Kangen doesn't have the risk of their machines overheating. Ionizers with flimsier ionizing plates, containing less titanium and platinum, plus more impurities actually melt when charged with 230 watts.

Kangen Water Ionizers might possibly be the only units on the market that have a cleaning cartridge for periodic deep cleaning. This assists to keep the system clean and free from scaling which may occur with any water system. Enagic has technologies to allow the machine to become periodically stripped down and cleaned for a nominal fee any time you just submit the engine. While, other ionizer engines are locked shut, the Kangen water cell can really be dismantled and cleaned by Enagic technicians. During quality assurance, it passes a 22-point inspection by 5 inspectors!

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