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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Manage Form 2 Diabetes With Humalogand Reduced Sugar Levels

By Mrtona Corneliuote

As technology continues to develop, sedentary lifestyle is becoming prevalent causing a huge increase in the number of diabetic patients. Most of them are taking in Humalog and other oral preparations to assist them in regulating their disease. It is important that you become aware of diabetes and avoid complications from settling in.

Being diagnosed with diabetes is overwhelming and can be very scary. You can control your diabetes once you understand it. Diabetes is when you have too much glucose in your blood. Learning how to eat and exercise can help you to keep it under control. There are some major misconceptions about diabetes circulating from times when not much was known about this disease.

Sugar can still be included in your diet. All you have to do is modify the amount of your favorite foods. You are not required to totally remove them from your food intake.

With proper diet, exercise and medications, you can control your diabetes and prevent further complications. Medicines are intended to increase insulin production as a response when you have high blood sugar level. These oral medicines also assist in lessening the sugar that your liver is producing. No serious side effects were noted except for weight gain. You will have to undergo series of blood examinations to monitor your serum glucose level as well as your responses to the medications.

More serious problems may arise if diabetes is not regulated properly. Most common complications include visual, nerve and organ problems. A diabetic patient will heal slower compared to a normal healthy individual. Therefore, you should avoid getting wounds and sores and if you have one, clean and monitor it regularly.

The benefits to some of the medicines is that once it is under control you can manage it quite well with them. Some people with Type 2 have adjusted their diet and exercise and lost weight. They have then been able to come off of the medicines because they control it with diet. This may not work for everyone and medicines may still be needed.

While you may be upset about your diagnosis understand that you can control this disease. There are many things that affect your sugar and you can learn how to control and make the right choices. Humalog may be the best option for your diabetes control. Consult your doctor to formulate the best plan for you is and get those blood glucose numbers in control. You can live a happy, healthy, normal life and deal with this disease.

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