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Friday, April 8, 2011

Januvia is Enough in order to Control Your Blood Glucose Levels

By Heinor Alfondu

As technology continues to develop, sedentary lifestyle is becoming prevalent causing a huge increase in the number of diabetic patients. Most of them are taking in Januvia and other oral preparations to assist them in regulating their disease. It is important that you become aware of diabetes and avoid complications from settling in.

Getting a diagnosis of diabetes is a frightening experience. If you are not sure what is going on with the disease or are unfamiliar it can be quite overwhelming. First off diabetes is a condition where your pancreas does not produce enough insulin. This will lead to having too much sugar in your blood. When you are first diagnosed many people will tell you their knowledge of the disease which may often not completely valid.

One thing people believe is you can not have sugar. This is not the case. A diabetic may have some sugar but must moderate what they ingest. The misconception is once you find out you are diabetic you have to give up so many of your favorite foods. While you do have to moderate you do not have to totally stop eating them.

Through diet, exercise and oral medications, many people have learned how to maintain control of their diabetes. Medications help your body out by increasing insulin production. Insulin helps the cells to take the sugar into the cell and use it properly. Medications will also help the liver to reduce production of sugar. One thing your doctor will do after placing you on medication is to test your blood glucose levels. They will be able to get a snap shot to see what your levels have been doing.

Complications of diabetes can develop without proper control. There could be problems with your vision, nerves or organs. People with diabetes need to pay special attention to their feet as sores can develop. With this disease it can be harder to heal from wounds so you must pay special care to any wound you may obtain.

Among the most important benefits of medicines is aiding you to regulate your sugar level. Others have seen that after modifying their physical activities and dietary intake they can stop taking in pills after losing weight. Other patients can readily regulate their disease with their food while some may still need a little assistance.

While you may be upset about your diagnosis understand that you can control this disease. There are many things that affect your sugar and you can learn how to control and make the right choices. Januvia may be the best option for your diabetes control. Consult your doctor to formulate the best plan for you is and get those blood glucose numbers in control. You can live a happy, healthy, normal life and deal with this disease.

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